Common issues facing pharmacy practices in 24 hours pharmacies in France

Pharmacies in France experience common issues that influence operations and conduct of pharmaceutical activities. In addition, there have been changes in pharmacy practices affecting all pharmacies all over the World. How these issues are solved have an impact on the future of pharmacy practices. Many pharmacists have been interviewed and they gave some of the common issues exchanged with colleagues working in other 24 hours pharmacies in France.

Healthcare laws

Laws are made to be universal. That means that laws are to be applied to all people without any biases. New health laws will definitely affect how health care will be delivered in the future. Moreover, most of the 24 hours pharmacies ( Https:// ) in France have managed to effectively stay out of politics. Pharmacists have a high-end profession that requires one to function well within any transformed system.

Reimbursement models in the France health system are certain and it moves from fee for service to a risk-sharing contract. This, in turn, benefits the patient more than the pharmacy operators and owners. It is thus unfair for such models because pharmacies primarily operate with product sales income. If the health programs in France continue affecting pharmacies, will they be capable to serve us in the future? Perhaps, most pharmacies and especially 24 hours pharmacies in France will close down due to lack of finance t fund their operations.

24 hours pharmacies must strive to resolve issues emanating from existing healthcare systems. This will determine whether pharmacies will remain underutilized professional health providers in future or they will turn to be the top trade name. The best recommendation is that 24 hours pharmacies in France should adopt necessary changes to become an excellent team player in all settings if the health care systems the country.

Large Number of Unemployed Pharmacists

Due to increase in the need to enhance the achievements future health care programs, universities in France have been encouraged to admit more students into the pharmacy school. This has gone overboard to an extent that a large number of students who complete their pharmacy studies do not get absorbed into pharmacy practice. In turn, these students have turned to seek internships form most of the 24 hours pharmacies in France.

Some are lucky to get opportunities while other start other careers which do not have a single mention of the word “medicine”. In addition, most pharmacists have established their own sole proprietorship businesses which may not necessarily need expertise in pharmacy practice. In France, there has been a reduction of pharmacy organization membership particular at the state level. Inventions have to be encouraged in order to ensure that new graduates have something to cling onto before they get full pharmacy employment.

Comprehensive medication therapy management

Today, comprehensive MTN puts one problem in an extensive intervention aimed to solve a care problem form a patient. Moreover, medication therapy management broadens the context of a patient’s medicine therapy profile. Most workers in 24 hours pharmacies in France feel that supporters of comprehensive MTN should be more focused on quality of the patient’s life.

Issues related to the MTN include uniting pharmacies in France, the role of pharmacists in primary health care as well as pharmacist’s provider status. If this issue is not handled properly, most of the 24 hours pharmacies in France will have a negative impact on MTN programs. This may not augur well with patients and their family members who may start struggling to get medicine for their relative.

Homogeneity of pharmacy practice

All pharmacists in 24 hours pharmacies can do particular functions perfectly. However, this does not mean that any other pharmacists may be able to. Pharmacy practice standards are universally the same. In France, this issue often affects pharmacies due to accreditation programs and practitioner certification programs. These two programs ensure that consumers experience similar quality services in all 24 hours pharmacies.

The pharmacy practice style is also an aspect in the uniformity of pharmacy practice. Drug dispensing is part of the pharmacy practice model and is an important role in enhancing quality services offered in 24 hours pharmacies in France. An effective response to patient’s questions is common to all pharmacies and has an impact on the future of pharmacy practice. In the recent past, training pharmacy students on the need for accreditation and engagement in solving common issues is important. It should be incorporated into the curriculum in all pharmacy schools.

Documentation of pharmacists’ activity

With the available trends in technology, better documentation of the activities in 24 hours pharmacies has become noble. In addition, cheap and swift data management programs have been brought to the market for sale. These programs may even have an audio perspective to supplement the visual mode. Better data management of the patient profiles and drug dispensing sequences can be monitored properly.

24 hours pharmacies in France need to adopt these changes for better and accurate prescriptions and follow-ups. It is very vital for pharmacists to appreciate the precision of data management programs. As pharmacy practices changes, documentation needs to become a vital management function.

The pharmacy profession needs to have a fully utilized standardized documentation process. This way every pharmacist will be able to have enhanced documentation and therefore reduces chances of errors. For example, tools like Pharmacist Work up of Drug Therapy can be established for use in 24 hours pharmacies in France. In order to provide patient care properly, pharmacists may use their own system rather than implement recommended data and information management tools for pharmacists.

Today, as health care trends into an interdisciplinary, pharmacists working in 24-hour pharmacies must play an important role in ensuring proper drug safety and precise prescriptions are done especially with dentists ( ) for example. Contributors to pharmacy practice should follow up and ensure full implementation of medication safety measures from pharmacy quality alliance in France is utilized. Moreover, pharmacists should be keen and ensure that medication synchronization and adherence monitoring programs are operational.

24 hours pharmacies in France must cautiously solve the issues emanating from pharmacy practice. This will help in increasing productivity as well as improve health care services.